Caravan Servicing

Every Gas, Plumbing And Electrical Services Are Completed By Our Certified Technicians.

Handbook Servicing is available for all Makes and Models

Remember a serviced caravan equals stress free holidaying.
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Why is it important to service regularly?

Most manufacturers will void your warranty if you don't service your Recreational Vehicle.

Caravans need to be serviced every 12 months.

Remember not servicing or maintaining your Recreational will increase risk of causing harm to yourself and others on the road. Servicing is essential to safety as most of the service includes safety items on your caravan.

Just purchased a second hand caravan? 

Its a good idea to have it serviced it first prior to you using it as you may not be sure of previous services.


Service Inclusion

Caravan Servicing From $199.00
Caravan Maintenance, not servicing your caravan can lead to this.
Bearings fallen off, damaged axle.

What is included in a service?

  1. Tail Light / Clearance Light Check
  2. Check operation of jockey wheel
  3. Check and adjust handbrake
  4. Check and lubricate coupling
  5. Check chassis and A Frame for cracks or damage 
  6. Check suspension operation and re grease 
  7. Check tyre wear and pressure
  8. Re-torque wheel nuts/studs 
  9. Check breakaway cable
  10. Brake hubs, clean, reassemble and adjust
  11. Check and secure any items laying low underneath
  12. Check and Repack wheel bearings, seals included. Bearing replacement is additional.
  13. Lubricate all moving parts
  14. Check awning operation and align if necessary 
  15. Check operation connections
  16. Check battery connections



What To Avoid Nasty Situations

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Other services are also available if required.

  • Exterior Sealant
  • Moulding Replacing
  • Window Catches and Locks
  • Exterior Locks and Hinges
  • Secure Grab Handles 
  • Cupboard Catches, Locks and Hinges
  • Interior Doors, Locks and Hinges
  • Blinds, Curtains and Fly Screens
  • Water System
  • Water Pump Operation
  • Operation of all Taps including Shower Head
  • Check Toilet Operation and Flush
  • System Drain Plugs
  • Water Leak Test
  • Cooking Appliances
  • Check Operation of Electrical System
  • Test 240V Sockets
  • Test 12V Sockets
  • Test Water Heater Operation 
  • Check Wiring Circuits and Fuses
  • Operation of Interior Lights
  • Operation of 3 way fridge
  • Check 240V Operation of Appliances 
  • Gas Leak / Pressure Test
  • Gas Isolation Check
  • Regulator Test 
  • Service Gas Appliances
  • Damp Tests (tests for possible water leaks and moisture)